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     The 40th Street Theatre was originally built in the early 1900's as a Vaudeville house named the Hamilton Street Theatre. It later changed hands, was upgraded to allow film and was renamed the Winn Theatre before it again changed hands and was renamed the 40th Street Theatre. The theatre closed down in the mid 1950's and the building was purchased by Martin's Bakery which utilized the space for the bakery's needs. 

    We purchased the property a few years ago for the purpose of expanding Hargiss Stringed Instruments. As we started to make the necessary repairs to the buildings it became clear that an old theatre was hiding and  so we decided to restore the building back to what it had been. Using 90% recycled or used materials it took us a few years to restore the theatre back to what it once was. 

     While we will continue to make improvements the space has become a very popular wedding and private event venue! The rental includes the main theatre and stage, a side room used for food buffet tables and an outdoor green space. We have a second room that may be rented for additional seating or for smaller events.  

    Whether it's a graduation, wedding, retirement party, holiday event, wine tasting or any other special occasion, we would love to host your event!

We Cannot Wait To Hear From You!

40th Street Theatre Main Entrance
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