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The Cats....

When we purchased the buildings they had been mostly vacant for a number of years. We discovered cats and bats taking advantage of the quiet indoors. The bats chose to leave of their own accord, but we discovered that there was a pretty large feral cat population that was only getting bigger every year. Clearly, something needed to be done so a feral cat colony license was applied for and we soon began the process of trapping the cats, getting them spayed or neutered and then releasing them back into the neighborhood. It's safe to say that you cannot do that type of work without coming across litters of kittens. Well, you can imagine how the story goes from there because who wants to give away a kitten? So we now have five cats that choose to come indoors, particularly when it's cold, and call the theatre home. 

For the most part the cats will shy away from large groups, but they will sometimes make an appearance, typically this happens at the most inopportune times!

Let Us Introduce You To The Cats!

This is Woodpile! She earned her name by, you guessed it, living in a woodpile before we took her in. She and one of her littermates were abandoned by their mother so we had no other choice but to bring her inside, right? She wasn't any larger than a soda can! Woody isn't the friendliest cat, but she is loyal. She loves the warmer weather so she can stay outside. If she comes up to you in a friendly manner you can get two to three pets before she decides she's had enough and let's you know!!


Meet Minnie- As a newly independent kitten, Minnie was trapped so she could be spayed. On the day she was to be released following her surgery the weather turned bitterly cold. I didn't have the heart to release her with her shaved tummy and I was unsure if she had any type of den to go hang out in so we kept her in a dog kennel for a few days, keeping her warm and fed. I'm guessing she liked this as she never left even after I released her!!


Meet Maize! Maize was actually Tippy's littermate and guardian, with Tippy being handicapped she didn't have a lot of confidence so Maize was the protector, so to speak. Out of all the cats, Maize is the friendliest except when you disturb her while she is sleeping which is often. Her two favorite pastimes are sleeping and crawling into our tin ceilings so she can yowl in the middle of the night. 


Tippy Canoe- Tippy was pulled from a drainage pipe during a spring storm, by all appearances, it did not look like she was going to make it. As her littermates were being settled into their new living quarters ( the office ) Tippy began showing signs of life so we consider her a miracle! Why did we name her Tippy Canoe? Well, she is also special because she only has three and a half legs!


Elliot came to us later. I was in the process of trying to trap his mother when he got involved. Here's the story: I set out a live trap with food inside, when I went out later I saw the food was gone, but the door did not spring closed. At that point I just decided I would reset the trap the next evening. We had a guest staying with us and at approximately 3:00 a.m. our guest came and got me while holding a live trap with a completely drenched kitten inside! It was Elliot of course and why he went into a trap that had no food is anyone's guess, but he sure did seem grateful when I dried him off and gave him some milk replacer!

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